accommodation that feels like home

high quality housing

Our residents are provided with high quality housing that is compliant, well equipped and adapted for disabilities where needed. All our properties meet HMO specifications and all health and safety regulations. Every home is equipped to a high standard to meet the needs of residents.

As well as meeting our detailed suitability criteria, we ensure all the homes are a place to feel safe and comfortable; a place to belong. To this end, we select the locations of our properties with care and engage with communities to foster pride in a local area.

paving the way to independent living

Crucially, our ongoing role is to ensure residents are offered properties which continue to meet their needs. If a resident’s circumstances change, we are quick to respond with adaptions, ultimately helping rehouse them somewhere more suitable if needed.

We help our providers deliver the additional support required by residents and in turn help residents to engage with that support, paving the way to independent living.

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